English Guidance

  • ★"SWALLOWTAIL" 13th Anniversary
  • From 3/16 to 3/31, we provide only "Madam Butterfly" all day.
    Please note that we cannot take any other orders like afternoon tea, seasonal dessert, snack and gift box.
  • Please understand that we cannot arrange any couse for your religion, creed, health or any other reasons because of preperation for meals in this period.
  • [Cancelation fee]
    We accept cancelation fee in these cases;
    • ¥6,900 per person (By bank transfer)
     1. Cancel your reservation after 20 o'clock the day before.
     2. Not showing up at your reservation without notice us by email.
    • We add ¥3,500 per person who lacks from the minimum number of person of the table on your eating bill.

  • Reservation
  • The reservation is possible from 2 weeks before.
  • The reservation is only possible from the "SWALLOWTAIL" homepage, telephone reservation is not acceptable.
  • Another way to enter "SWALLOWTAIL" is to wait for cancellation, please wait for cancellation at the front door the day you want to go.
  • Children can not enter with the age under 5.

  • [ 1st Step ] Reservation
  • 1.Click "仮予約"(means "1st step") button.
  • 2.Please enter your "e-mail address" and "number of people", and click "確認"(means confirm).
  • 3."SWALLOWTAIL" administrative office(webmaster@butlers-cafe.jp) will give you reply e-mail "1st step mail".
  • The reservation will not be confirmed at this moment.Please finish the 2nd step reservation in order to confirm the reservation.

  • [ 2nd Step ] Reservation
  • 1.Please access the URL described in "1st step e-mail".
  • 2.Fill in your "members card number", "name" and "number of people".
  • 3.Thank you! Your reservation is completed.
  • 4."SWALLOWTAIL" administrative office(webmaster@butlers-cafe.jp) will give you reply e-mail "Reservation confirmation e-mail" within 2days.
  • If you do not finish the 2nd step after 24hours, your reservation will be cancelled.And if you make reservation the day before, please finish your reservation by 23:00.

  • Cancellation
  • 1.Please access from the URL described in "Reservation confirmation e-mail".
  • 2.Fill your e-mail address.
  • Your cancellation is finished."SWALLOWTAIL" administrative office(webmaster@butlers-cafe.jp) will give you reply e-mail of the cancellation.

  • Please understand that we cannot extend your staying time because of other reservation.
  • If you arrived 50 minutes behind reservation, we refuse your visit this time and also ask you ¥2,500 cancelation fee each person whatever reasons you may have.

  • About Cancellation Fee
  • We will ask you to pay ¥2,500 per person under these conditions, could not cancel by 20:00 the day before your reservation and do not show at the time of the reservation.
  • If you do not pay the cancellation fee within one week, we will refuse your reservation next time.
  • Also, if you arrive less than the number you mentioned at the reservation, we would adk you to pay ¥1,000 per person who did not show.